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WIFE APPRECIATION DAY – Third Sunday in September

WIFE APPRECIATION DAY – Third Sunday in September


Wife Appreciation Day on the third Sunday in September provides an opportunity for spouses to show appreciation to their wives.  

The relationship between a husband and a wife takes balance. Every day, spouses do things for each other, sometimes without thinking. Other times, work and responsibilities get in the way. This observance offers a way to remind husbands to show a little appreciation to their wives. 

This particular observance sets aside time for couples who have no children. Not every woman is a mother, either by chance or choice. Since so many holidays celebrate families with children, this day offers a day for those who remained childless.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WifeAppreciationDay

Couples may choose to celebrate the day traditionally with a gift of flowers, perfume, jewelry or clothing. However, other options include a day at a spa, tickets to a show or dinner at a nice restaurant.  A foot massage and cooking breakfast or dinner at home can also say, “Thank you for all the things you do every day. I appreciate them.” Share your celebration using #WifeAppreciationDay to post on social media.


While National Day Calendar research did not uncover the source of the day, we did identify the underlying meaning of Wife Appreciation Day. Even though it honored married women, the focus on honoring those who didn’t have children. The day makes up for Mother’s Day when there are no children in the marriage. 

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