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NATIONAL UNDERDOG DAY – Third Friday in December

National Underdog Day


Underdog Day is observed annually on the third Friday in December.

America loves underdogs.  In sports, people tend to rally around the person or team that is not favored to win.

An underdog is a person or team in competition most likely expected to lose.  This expectation can be based on statistical data, opinion or overall standings. When the underdog wins, it’s called an upset.  

The first recorded uses of the term occurred in the second half of the nineteenth century; its initial meaning was “the beaten dog in a fight.”

Also known as a Cinderella story, the underdog has long piqued Americans’ interest.  Whether in a sporting event, business, education or arts, when success is a long shot and a struggle as well, Americans root and cheer for the underdog.  


Tell your underdog story. Use #NationalUnderdogDay to post on social media.


National Underdog Day was first observed in 1976.

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