Talk About Prescriptions Month - October
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)

Talk About Prescriptions Month - October


Talk About Prescriptions Month is an annual designation observed in October. This month, we are all encouraged to stay informed about the medications we use. All medication comes with a risk and can be extremely dangerous, even deadly if abused.

One of the most dangerous kinds of medications is prescription medication. In fact, in 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency in the United States because of the overuse and abuse of opioids. Research shows that since the late 1990s, these types of medications have been prescribed at a higher and higher rate. Because of the addictive nature of these painkillers, thousands of people in the United States became accidentally addicted after taking their recommended dosage.


Make sure you and your family are aware of your prescription. Use #TalkAboutPrescriptions to post on social media. It’s essential to research and talk about the medications we take because if we don’t, we can do considerable damage to our bodies without meaning to. If you or someone you know think they may have a problem with painkillers, look for these symptoms: use of the drug for longer than it was intended, trouble cutting down on the use of painkillers, or abstaining from activities like sports or spending time with family.


There are a few important questions you should ask your doctor when you get a medication prescribed. Question 1: How and when do I take it, and for how long? Question 2: What side effects can I expect, and should I do anything about them? Question 3: Will this medicine work safely with other medications I’m on? Question 4: How should I store this medicine? Question 5: Should I take this if addiction runs in my family/is this a prescription that people can become addicted to?

Asking your doctor these simple question will help ensure your safety and will allow the medication to do exactly what it’s meant to do for you.


Talk About Prescriptions Month was founded by the National Council on Patient Information and Education in October 1985. The goal was to focus people’s attention on the importance of using prescriptions properly. They say the way to do this is to increase communication between healthcare professionals and patients for a safe, healthy community.


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