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SOUREST DAY – October 25

SOUREST DAY – October 25


Sourest Day follows on the heels of Sweetest Day. This sourest day of the year is observed annually on October 25th. 

If life is giving you lemons or you feel like a grumpy Gus, this day is for you. Take your glass-half-full attitude and spread the joy -er- gloom. Smiles be banished! Replace them all with pouts and terrible frowns.  

Wallow in your petulant mood. Take sulking to new lows. Frown like a clown catching the midnight train outta town. Develop a harrumph worth trademarking. Scowl so foul that people will catch a whiff of it before they even see you. When walking by a skein of yarn, it should leap onto your brow already knitted. That’s just how sour you need to be on this day.


Have a sour day, all day. Bet you can’t stay sour ALL day! Use #SourestDay to post on social media.


Richard Ankli of Ann Arbor, Michigan, created this counterpoint holiday in 1977 to honor a friend with a Sauer last name and a birthday landing on October 25th.  

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