SKY AWARENESS WEEK – Last Full Week in April

Sky Awareness Week - Last Full Week in April
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


The last full week of April is National Sky Awareness Week (SAW). The goal is to get people to look up and notice sky conditions, variant colors, the clouds, and how they’re moving.

Have you ever studied the sky? It’s ever-changing and offers clues to what’s happening in the atmosphere. By day, we can examine the clouds, color of the sky, jet trails, and search for rainbows, sun rays, and the moon. By night, stars and planets glitter the inky expanse fascinating and mesmerizing us.

Every day the sky tells us a different story. It reveals hints at the amount of moisture in the air. Drifting clouds tell us the direction of the wind. It reflects the light of the sun and forecasts the weather for the day.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SkyAwarenessWeek

  • Get outside and practice nephelococcygia – the art of finding shapes in the clouds.
  • See how meteorology, astronomy, geology, oceanography, and hydrology blend with other sciences to create the environment. Go to the source of Sky Awareness Week:
  • Learn how to read the sky
  • Answer questions like, “Why is the sky blue?”
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Meteorologist H. Michael Mogil and educator Barbara Levine of How the Weather Works founded Sky Awareness Week. The organization is a weather education and forensic services company.


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