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National V-J Day - September 2


On September 2nd, National V-J Day (Victory over Japan Day) recognizes Allied Forces’ victory over Japan during World War II.  Officials announced the surrender of Japan to the Allies on August 15, 1945. The official signing of surrender took place on September 2, 1945, officially ending World War II.  

Between 50 to 80 million lives were lost during World War II. These numbers include both military and civilian lives. Fought on every continent except Antarctica, the war consumed entire cities. More than 50 countries took up arms. Even those who maintained isolationist stances held sympathies for one side or another.

Militaries fought on the land and sea and in the air. Civilians often had front row seats to the devastation. When they didn’t, technology brought reports to them more quickly. Radio broadcasts and war correspondents informed the public with first-hand details. 

For six long years, the world endured rations, victory gardens, evacuations, drills, and an entirely different way of life – an uncertain future. 

Six-years of sacrifice and horrors preceded this moment. All around the world, celebrations erupted. However, there would be years of reconciliations, discoveries, and coming to terms with the damage done to relations and humanity.


Learn more about World War II, the people who served and sacrificed and how life changed after the war ended. Take time to visit with those who lived through it. Read their memoirs and discover the stories you’ve never heard before. Use #NationalVJDay to post on social media. Share photos of friends and family who served in World War II. Honor those who sacrificed to maintain our freedom.


The formal signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender took place on board the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. At that time, President Truman declared September 2nd to be the official V-J Day. However, over the years, many citizens of the United States celebrated August 14 as V-J Day in conjunction with the European observation on August 15th.

Labor Day - First Monday In September


Labor Day is observed on the first Monday of every September and recognizes the men and women who labored to build this country. Through a time-honored tradition with roots in the coordinated efforts of the labor movement of the 1800’s, we salute the American workforce.

Since the founding of the United States, the country has relied on its workforce for its infrastructure. From its streets and buildings to its transportation and security, the nation runs on labor. The labor of what we create, build and harvest fuels our education and inspires our dreams. 

This National Day also signals the official end of summer. Those who work hard, need time to play, too. With the school year starting and summer winding down, the long weekend beckons. They use the extra day earned to spend with families and catch some R&R. Some will explore cities while others will seek outdoor adventure. No matter where it’s spent, it’s well earned. 


Many families spend Labor Day weekend on vacation. They pack the campgrounds full or explore tourist towns for one last hurrah! As you celebrate this day, consider and appreciate your hard work and how it has added to the well-being and prosperity of our country. Use #LaborDay to post on social media.


On September 5, 1882, Labor Day first honored workers in New York City. The observance later moved to the first Monday in September in 1884. However, the observance wasn’t officially recognized by any government entity until 1885 when a municipal ordinance was passed. Interestingly, Oregan recognized the day in 1887 before New York state’s bill passed. As more states recognized the observance, its popularity grew. Then, in 1894, Congress declared the day to be a national observance. 

National Blueberry Popsicle Day - September 2


National Blueberry Popsicle Day is observed annually on September 2nd.  Whether you decide to purchase a box of blueberry-flavored Popsicles or make your own, it’s sure to be a tasty treat! With the end of summer at hand, now is the time to celebrate this National Day.

Popsicles were invented in 1905 by an 11-year old boy named Frank Epperson.  One day he left a glass of a fruit-flavored drink with a stirring stick on his porch.  Waking the next morning, unusually frigid temperatures froze the beverage solid – hence the beginning of the Popsicle!

HOW TO OBSERVE #BlueberryPopsicleDay

Be sure to get yourself a blueberry Popsicle and use #BlueberryPopsicleDay to post on social media. Here is an Easy Homemade Blueberry Popsicles Recipe to try out.

Or, if you have a Blueberry Popsicle recipe and would like to share, we would sure enjoy putting it up on the website giving you credit! Here is our recipe page with a submission form at the bottom for your use. Be sure to check out some of the other recipes while you are there!


While we have been unable to determine the origins of National Blueberry Popsicle Day, we do know many will enjoy the flavor as the eat one or two.

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