SCHOOL LUNCH HERO DAY - First Friday in May

SCHOOL LUNCH HERO DAY – First Friday in May


The first Friday in May is School Lunch Hero Day, dedicated to those men and women who make the cafeterias and the schools a better place to be! What was your favorite school lunch? Do you remember the smiling face who served it to you?

For many children, the cafeteria is the first place they enter on a school day. From the first time through the cafeteria line, the lunch hero has more than nutrition on their minds.  The well-being of every child is important to them.  Keeping them safe, happy, and providing them with good and delicious food is also a priority.

Often they see entire families grow up, and sometimes, they are family. The celebration provides students and communities an opportunity to create ways to recognize their school heroes.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SchoolLunchHeroDay

Organize a lunch for your lunch hero! Make a card or bring a flower. Decorate a banner telling your heroes all the ways they are super! Tell your hero, thank you.  Visit for more great ideas and use #SchoolLunchHeroDay to share on social media.


Inspired by children’s author and illustrator, Jarrett Krosoczka created School Lunch Hero Day to honor the foodservice employees after returning to his old school, and finding his childhood lunch lady remained and remembered him.

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