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When a natural disaster, digital malfunctions or human error occurs, treasured memories are lost forever. Save Your Photos Month reminds us to back up our digital pictures, scan and save the vintage ones.

Since the advent of photography, humans have been capturing images and documenting history. Today’s photos preserve our memories in vivid color, and we are taking more pictures than ever before! It can seem like an overwhelming task to document and preserve these precious memories, but it doesn’t have to be.

When is Save Your Photos Day?

Throughout the month, local organizations, businesses, and bloggers offer us photo preservation tips. These bits of advice cover the box of photos you collected from a grandparent to every digital photo on your electronic devices. All of them require some level of attention to protect and preserve them. Thankfully, the modern age we live in offers many more ways to save photos than ever before!

  • Keep original photos in a photo-safe container or album.
  • Create copies through scanning.
  • Back up digital photos. You can do this by saving them to jump drives, cloud services or printing them.
  • Document your photos. Include names, dates and places so future generations can save time identifying previous generations.
  • Do your best to document older photos. Those that have been handed down often are missing vital information. Connect with family members who may be able to identify the people and possibly add stories to go with the photo.
  • Join a heritage group online. You may be able to connect with more family members there.
  • Display your favorites!

While for some this task may seem overwhelming, others will find it to be a worthwhile endeavor. Take a trip down memory lane and get your photos preserved and safe.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SaveYourPhotosMonth

Back up your digital photos on a regular basis to a jump drive or a cloud program. Display and share your favorites!  Don’t cage them in data forever. Include dates, names, ages, and locations on the pictures.  Ask family members about old photos now before the information is lost. You can find more information on saving your photos on the Save Your Photos Day page.

Find more details at Save Your Photos. Use #SaveYourPhotosMonth to share on social media.


The Photo Managers (formerly The Association of Personal Photo Organizers) promotes Save Your Photo Month each year in September.  Together with outreach campaigns, they provide a wealth of information and tools to help individuals preserve a lifetime of memories.


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