SAVE YOUR PHOTOS DAY – Last Saturday in September

Save Your Photos Day | Last Saturday in September
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


Save Your Photos Day is always on a Saturday in September. This is a great day to back up those digital photos and organize all those boxes of Polaroids.


As part of Save Your Photos Month, the day reminds us these precious memories are perishable. Whether through natural disasters like floods, fires, or tornados or the human ones like spilled liquids and computer viruses, photos in any form are fragile.  Backing them up and preserving them is necessary for the long haul.

Some of the older photographs that have made it this far may be missing vital information. Many of our grandparents didn’t take the time to write the names of the people in the pictures, never realizing that generations later would be as fascinated by the people in the images as they were by taking them.

There are several ways to create order from the chaos. Take charge of the modern photos now. Label as you go by including names, dates, and information about the event on the picture. Back up the digital photos regularly. Share your favorites and display those that bring a smile.

When it comes to tracking down information on old family pictures, start with relatives. There may be someone who knows someone with a long memory. Take a road trip with your photographs for a visit. Connect through ancestry and family tree websites. Some of the oddest things will help connect one photo to another.


Take time to protect your photographs, whether you use your phone, a digital camera, or film to take pictures. Attend workshops on how to preserve photographs. Scan, preserve, and share the photos with family members to be shared for future generations as well. Other ways to participate include:

  • Sharing your skills – Invite others to learn how to organize their photos, research their history, and document the stories.
  • Take a class – Learn about photo preservation and editing. Bring those old photos back to life.
  • Start scanning – Preserve old photos digitally to share with other family members.
  • Make it a habit – Document your photos with dates and names.

Use #SaveYourPhotosDay to share on social media.


Save Your Photos Alliance (developed by The Association of Personal Photo Organizers) created Save Your Photos Day.  

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