Sactchmo Summerfest - Week of August 4
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

 Sactchmo Summerfest - Week of August 4


Satchmo SummerFest (also known as Satchmofest) is an annual music festival held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Celebrating the jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, the festival takes place in early August and coincides with Armstrong’s August 4 birthday.

Jazz is America’s great original art form and no other place is more closely associated with jazz than New Orleans. Satchmo Summerfest it is held on the grounds of the old New Orleans Mint near the historic French Quarter.

Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong is considered to be one of the most gifted and influential American performers of the twentieth century. His influence extends well beyond jazz. His artistry and personality allowed him access to the upper echelons of society around the world. Armstrong’s impact on the music is immeasurable. As a virtuoso trumpet player and vocalist, he had a hand in shaping the development of jazz and rock and roll in the mid-twentieth century.

Satchmo SummerFest has evolved over the years into “a mini-JazzFest.” With three days of outdoor concerts, music history seminars, jazz exhibits, a jazz mass, a second-line parade and local food delicacies and drinks, the festival has become a travelers’, as well as a local, favorite.

While visiting “The Big Easy,” we encourage you to check out all the great features the city has to offer, including the Cajun culture! Explore the bayous of Louisiana by boat or enjoy a steamboat cruise on the legendary Mississippi. Learn about the voodoo side of the Big Easy with a guided tour of the city’s most eerie locations. Learn about life in the bayou before, during and after the Civil War.


Attend Satchmo Summerfest and celebrate the legacy of one of our greatest entertainers. Use #SatchoSummerfest on social media postings.


The Satchmo Summerfest was founded in 2001 and is sponsored by the French Quarter Festival, Inc. and the city of New Orleans.


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