SANTA’S LIST DAY – December 4

Santa's List Day - December 4
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


On December 4th, Santa’s List Day celebrates the day that Santa puts together his list of naughty and nice children. It’s also a day for kids to start working on their holiday wish lists.

The legend of Santa dates all the way back to 280 A.D. This is when the real St. Nicholas was born in modern-day Turkey. Through the years, many traditions have evolved regarding St. Nick, who came to be known as Santa Claus. Some of these include the North Pole, elves who make toys, a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer, enjoying milk and cookies, and going down the chimney to deliver gifts.

One more tradition is Santa’s naughty and nice list. The first mention of such a list occurs in the song, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie wrote the fun Christmas song in 1934. The song included the lyrics, “He’s making a list, He’s checking it twice, He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.” The song goes on to say that Santa Claus sees everything that boys and girls do, so they better be good for goodness sake!

The whole idea of kids being naughty or nice may have come from 16th century Holland. Before there were stockings, parents placed their children’s clogs near the fireplace. Good children would find candy or cookies on their clogs. Naughty children, however, would find a lump of coal.

Even though Santa might make his list on December 4th, there is still time for naughty children to make it on Santa’s nice list!


Santa is the one celebrating this day as he is the one putting together his “naughty or nice” list. However, you can still participate by:

  • Teaching your children about the first Santa Claus, St. Nicholas.
  • Listening to the song, “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and other Christmas songs about Santa, such as “Here Comes Santa Claus,” “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” and “Santa Baby.”
  • Talking to your children about the importance of good behavior all year round.
  • Helping your children make their Christmas list.

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