Records and Information Management Month - April

Records and Information Management Month - April


National Records and Information Management Month is celebrated each year in April. It was developed to promote good record keeping and information management and to emphasize the importance of having organized records. A record is basically any document, paper, book, e-mail, picture, recording, video, or other material that can prove the transaction of business.

Essentially, Records and Information Management Month is spring cleaning for all the records you keep! Records are very important, so keeping them organized and in a safe place should always be on your priority list, and this month is the perfect time to get started. Here are some big reasons records are so crucial to keep safe.

  1. They show evidence of all transactions
  2. They give transparency and accountability for education, research, and businesses
  3. They provide resources for future needs
  4. They can help support decision making process by showing what has worked and what hasn’t in the past

Use #RecordsAndInformationManagementMonth to post on social media. A great way to take part in Records and Information Management Month is to assign staff that is responsible for policies and procedures and auditing the records management program in your organization. Be sure the records are correct by training your staff to handle them properly. Put reasonable amounts of security in place to keep your records safe. Create a system that makes it easy to find the documents and records you need when you need them. Determine how long you need to retain records and put a policy in place for disposing of those that are no longer needed.

Always keep in mind how critical it is to effectively manage your records and information. Your organization’s (no matter what it may be) well being depends on it. Get started this month, and keep it up every month to follow! Besides the fact that it will help your business, it will also feel good to get organized.


National Records and Information Management Month was started in 2002 by Records Information Managers.

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