Raptor Month - October

Raptor Month – October


Raptor Month is an annual designation observed in October. Raptor Month celebrates various birds of prey. Birds of prey are defined as birds that hunt other vertebrates. All raptors have a few of the same defining features that make them strong, fast, and quite terrifying to their prey. If you see these features on a bird, you’ll know you’re looking at a raptor.

  1. Sharp, hooked beak. This beak has evolved over time to make them masterful at tearing apart prey like small animals, mice, and insects.
  2. Large, sharp talons on their feet. They use their strong legs and toes to scoop up and carry their prey.
  3. Raptors are believed to have the keenest eyesight in nature because of the size of the eyeball and the eye muscles designed for rapid focus. This helps them as they chase their fast-moving targets.

Use #RaptorMonth to post on social media. Another great way to celebrate these amazing birds this month is to learn a little bit more about them by reading these books. If you’re not big into reading, you can donate to the protection of, and education about raptors and other birds. One great option to donate to or learn more about is A Place Called Hope, a raptor rescue, rehabilitation and education center. 


In our research, we were unable to find the creator of Raptor Month.

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