(Last Updated On: November 29, 2022)


Positive Attitude Month is an annual designation observed in October. A positive attitude is the best trait you can carry with you, because it makes any difficult or frustrating situation a lot easier to deal with. If you look at most scenarios as “glass half empty,” now is the time to change that! Looking at things with a “glass half full” perspective is a small thought process that makes a big difference. Research suggests there are lasting benefits to keeping a positive attitude.

  1. Longer life span because of overall lower stress levels
  2. Lower chance of depression
  3. More resistance to sicknesses like the common cold
  4. Increased physical and mental well being
  5. Less risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  6. More developed coping skills during challenges.

Finally, your positive energy will result in more overall motivation, more friends, and many more happy memories. Of course, life can be extremely challenging. In our work and personal lives, speed bumps will always present themselves… there’s really nothing we can do about it. So, why not try to make the best of every situation we are thrown into?


Think positively. Expect great things. Use #PositiveAttitude to post on social media. Challenge yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. If you struggle to keep a good attitude, here are a few steps you can take to move past that.

  1. Write it down. List the negative things in your life… the things that really upset you and cause you to lose your cool. Seeing them on paper can help you recognize and address them when they happens in real life. Cross them off when you are able to overcome them.
  2. Let go of expectations. Sometimes, negativity begins with unrealistic expectations of yourself or others. Understand that nobody is perfect… and the imperfections add character! They make life real and interesting. If you can learn to work with that, you, and those around you will be much happier.
  3. Forgive yourself and others. Do not dwell on past mistakes. You are only hurting yourself if you do so.
  4. Respond, don’t react. Change can be difficult to manage, but if you take a breath and give yourself some time to think, you’ll find the clarity you need to respond in a positive manner.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people. Yeah yeah, we know, you hear it all the time… But if you can do that, you’ll start to see how happy & successful people think, and you’ll likely start to think the same way.

In our research, we were not able to find the founder of positive attitude month.

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