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Welcome to the October Month Overview. In the Northern Hemisphere, October ushers in fall like no other month. Its capital O shouts pumpkins and if the leaves haven’t turned, they soon will. Keep reading to learn more about October.

More about October

Well, before the Julian and Gregorian calendars, October was the 8th month of the Roman calendar. Octo means eight in Latin. At the time, there were only 10 months. In 700 BC, Numa Pompilius added January and February to the calendar. This change more accurately reflected the length of a year on Earth. As a result, October became the 10th month on the calendar. While other months on the calendar have had days added and subtracted, October has always had 31 days.

Seasonal Changes

During October, asters bloom and so do chrysanthemums. Their colors often pair well with the pumpkins and gourds collected from gardens.

Since October is a harvest month, a bounty of stone fruits, grains and vegetables find their way to our tables. We feast on new recipes. Baked goods fill our homes with aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. The month calls for warm sweaters and filling foods.

Pumpkin pies and ghost stories go hand in hand. As we wrap up the month, and the temperatures drop, we prepare for trick or treaters.

The month is full of sporting events, too. From the World Series to Rugby World Cup finals, sports fans fill the seats. In other activities, October brings a shift in hunting and fishing seasons.

History and Tidbits

October is the month when the five-day workweek was first sanctioned. The U.S. Naval Academy opened its doors in Annapolis, Maryland in 1845. Several U.S. presidents were born in October, too.

Those born in October are either a Libra or a Scorpio. And you share a birthday month with some famous people, too! Hugh Jackman, Luciano Pavarotti, Sigourney Weaver, John Adams, and John Keats all were born in October. Their birthstones are pink tourmaline and opal.

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