Occupational Therapy Month - April
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


During the month of April, Occupational Therapy Month recognizes all the benefits this specialized healthcare provides.

When injury strikes or long term wear of joints and muscles require rehabilitation, an occupational therapist (also known as OTs) provides the necessary exercises to get us back into our daily routines. Simply getting out of bed may be a challenge or moving from one position to another becomes a problem we need to overcome. OTs have studied the movements required to make these transitions happen safely and to retrain our newly repaired body part to do the job. They know the therapies to help improve weakened muscles and alternatives when others fail us.

OTs also help slow the progression of a disease through exercises and modifications. Through their expertise, they identify ways to overcome obstacles to performing daily tasks such as bathing, eating or household chores. They may also identify ways to reduce the risk of injury, especially in the workplace. Repetitive tasks put a strain on joints and muscles. An occupational therapist can recommend changes in a work routine, equipment or stretches and exercises to reduce the risk of injury to employees.

For every age and ability, occupational therapists provide care to improve the quality of life for each patient.

HOW TO OBSERVE #OTMonth or #OccupationalTherapyMonth

  • Throughout the month, recognize an occupational therapist you know.
  • If you’re interested in becoming an occupational therapist, explore their educational path.
  • Share your experiences as an occupational therapist and why it’s the career for you.
  • Use #OTMonth or #OccupationalTherapyMonth to share on social media.


Occupational Therapy Month began in 1980 to correspond with the annual conference and expo for The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.


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