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(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


The week after Independence Day relax with a Nakedation. Nude Recreation Week offers a way to shed stress, while exploring naturism. Naturists are people who practice naturalism, in other words naked.

Don’t let the hot summer days weigh you down with itchy clothing and bothersome zippers. You don’t need the baggage fees, so lighten your load! Pack lighter and head to a nudist resort near you.

Many of us may feel too self-conscious to explore the nude lifestyle. However, you might be surprised to find there is an estimated 225,000 naturists in North America. For many, the experience is freeing and ultimately, a lifetime choice.

Around the country, clothing optional clubs offer events all week long. Whether your interests are athletic, artistic or spiritual, there’s something for everyone. Although clothing may be optional, sunblock is always recommended.

Enjoy being free from the restrictions of buttons and fabric. However, remember to keep an eye out for pests and poison ivy.

OBSERVING #NudeRecreationWeek

Visit the American Association for Nude Recreation to learn more about naturism. Join in International Skinny Dipping Day on the second Saturday in July. You don’t even have to be a naturist to enjoy the day.

We’re not sure sharing #NudeRecreationWeek on social media is a good idea, so we recommend using your discretion.


Eugene Callen and Lee Baxandall created nude events in the 1970s. In 1978, National Nude Weekend was born, following a successful launch of National Nude Beach Day in 1976. In 1980, The Naturist Society was established. By 1992, the nude weekend would expand to a full week.


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