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Each year on May 9th, National Home Front Heroes Day honors millions of civilians, past and present, who provide support to service members from the home front. Dedicated heroes roll up their sleeves, support neighbors, communities, and our nation at home while our service members are abroad. As a result, service members have a peace of mind knowing their families, businesses, and communities are taken care of at home.

For hundreds of years, military service members have left home to serve their country. Historically, World War II had the most impressive number of Home Front Heroes that would keep the country going. In fact, during the war Americans stepped up to the task with remarkable determination. In addition, the civilian contribution to the war effort was extraordinary. In return, it led to encouragement for service members to complete successful military operations overseas.

Contributions made by Home Front Heroes is a long one, respectively. However, there are few well-known contributions which include:

  • Women joining the production lines;
  • Hosting charitable food, metal, and medical drives;
  • Businesses shifting to military production;
  • Rationing goods, such as sugar, coffee, and rubber; and
  • Victory Gardens planted to ensure adequate food supply on the homefront.

Today, Home Front Heroes are still making it possible for military service members to honor their commitment to our nation. Unsurprisingly, Home Front Heroes continue to actively participate in charitable organizations, volunteer in their communities, provide relief work, and dedicate time and money to help support service members and their families.

OBSERVING #HomeFrontHeroesDay

Your help in honoring Home Front Heroes is just as important as being a hero. You can do your part by:

  • Planing Home Front Hero events such as parades, teas, and luncheons;
  • Honoring a Home Front Hero in your neighborhood, community, or organization;
  • Encouraging city and state officials to celebrate the day;
  • Posting photos and videos of Home Front Heroes from your area;
  • Sharing or listening to stories about a Home Front Hero you know; or
  • Promoting #HomeFrontHeroesDay on social media.


Forefront LivingThe Home Front Heroes Day National Committee submitted National Home Front Heroes Day in 2022 to honor the contributions made by millions of Home Front Heroes. The day also acknowledges civilian dedication, support, hard work, and sacrifices made at home for military service members.

“We have Memorial Day. We have Veterans Day. We have Fourth of July. But we don’t have any day devoted to recognizing and thanking those millions of people who made it possible for us to prevail. There is no day for acknowledging the people on the home front who do their duty, too, and I hope to change that.” ~Major John “Lucky” Luckadoo

In 2021, Major John “Lucky” Luckadoo, a Forefront Living Community Presbyterian Village North resident in Dallas, received the LeadingAge Inspirational Senior Texas Award. He began using the award as a platform to further his mission to establish a National Home Front Heroes Day. His 100th birthday wish the following year was to establish May 9th as Home Front Heroes Day. Lucky was a proud service member of the United States Airforce B-17 Flying Fortress. Unfortunately, he is the last living member of the World War II Eighth Air Force 100th Bombardment Group. He reflects daily about the vast amount of support civilians gave at home during his service. He is especially grateful for the support, sacrifice and dedication civilians continue to make for all service members.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Home Front Heroes Day in 2022 to be observed annually on May 9th.

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