Never Bean Better Day | August 22
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


If you’ve waited for a Never Bean Better Day to enjoy the unconditional love of your canine companion, August 22nd is the day! Just like our ever-joyful pets, the day casts away the worries and spreads enthusiasm for life.


The celebration encourages both the spirit of generosity and sharing the joys of life with delight. Go out into the world with your family pet and plant the bean of love everywhere you go. Share it generously, like dogs do when they take care of us when we are sick or down. They give us all their love with abandon in the forms of licks and snuggles. Sometimes our furry friends do tricks and antics only canines know how to do. Other times, they even perform their own love song or woo woo. Every day should be a Never Bean Better Day to share all the love your dog stores up!

When is National Dog Day?


In recognition of the celebration, share the Bean wuv. Fetch up some fun and make a difference like Bean, a very special therapy dog, does every day in providing comfort and joy to so many through his physical and virtual presence. Help someone by sharing your time, talent or treasure or just by making someone’s day by getting them to play … human or canine!

Follow Bean’s tail on Facebook at Never Bean Better @neverbeanbetterwoo, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to spread the Bean wuv by using the #NeverBeanBetterDay and @neverbeanbetter to share your never bean better moments on social media. Get out and fetch up some fun! Make every day a Never Bean Better day!


The Drager Group, Inc. founded Never Bean Better Day to recognize the unconditional love dogs bring to human lives. The observance honors the birth of a special therapy dog, Bean, who eagerly spreads his Bean wuv everywhere he goes. Bean improves the lives of those who need it most. Visit to learn more about Bean and his many talents, canine and not so canine.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared Never Bean Better Day to be observed on August 22nd annually beginning in 2017.


August 22nd Celebrated History


An ancestor of the Instant Pot, the pressure cooker is invented by Denis Papin. He called it a “steam digester.”


In the first America’s Cup, the yacht America representing the New York Yacht Club took the first place honors over the Royal Yacht Squadron.


The first Geneva Convention is ratified by 12 countries in an effort to improve war-time conditions for those on the battlefield.


Making cleaning more efficient, one of the first patents for liquid soap is issued to William Sheppard. The “Improved Liquid Soap” received patent No. 49, 561.


Mahatma Gandhi founds the Natal Indian Congress to advocate against discrimination of Indians in South Africa.


President Theodore Roosevelt sets out on a tour of New England by car. The event marks the first time a U.S. president greets the public by automobile.


Victor introduces the first Victrola. The wooden cabinet with an internal horn to project sound played recordings from a disc.


Ole Evinrude granted patent no. US58233610A for his Marine Propulsion Mechanism. His design is one of the first commercially successful outboard motors for boats.


Julian Kahn granted patent no. US101783A for an “Apparatus for Mixing a Liquid with a Gas” – specifically whipped cream.


Professional tennis player, Althea Gibson becomes the first African American invited to compete in the U.S. Nationals. While she did not win the tournament, the following year, she would not only win the U.S. Nationals but also become the first African American to win Wimbledon. She would go on to many more firsts as well.


The Stephen King and Rob Reiner film Stand By Me is released nationally.


Edvard Munch’s works “The Scream” and the “Madonna” are stolen from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway. Two years later, the artworks are recovered.


During the Athen’s Olympics, the marathon runs the same course as the 1896 games.

August 22nd Celebrated (Birthdays

Charles Francis Jenkins -1867 

The prolific inventor focused his attention on the movie and television industry. In fact, his joint invention of the projector and their showing rooms may have helped launch the movie theater. He was also the first to move a car’s engine from under the seat to the front of the car.

Willis Rodney Whitney – 1868

As a chemist, researcher and engineer, Whitney would establish the General Electric Company laboratory.

George Herriman – 1880

The cartoonist and artist is best known as the creator of Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse.

1893 – Dorothy Parker

The witty journalist, writer and poet was a frequent contributor to Vogue, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.

Edith Prada – 1912

The noted archaeologist and art historian focused her career on the study of Ancient Near Eastern seals. Her work brought enormous insights and revelations through her scholarly work.

John Lee Hooker – 1917

In a career that spanned 60 years, the “King of Boogie” brought an ever-evolving style to the world of Blues. Known for his skill on the electric guitar, some of his best songs include Hobo Blues, I’m in the Mood, and Let’s Talk it Over.

Mary McGrory – 1918

The prolific columnist and journalist is known for her sharp wit and as a trailblazer in the political arena.

Norman Schwarzkopf – 1934

The four-star Army general led the Allied Forces to victory during the first Persian Gulf War. The highly decorated Schwarzkopf (also known as Stormin’ Norman due to his reported temper) would earn the rank of general in the late 1970s after serving in Vietnam. During the Persian Gulf War, his leadership of the coalition forces led to a swift resolution of the war.

Valerie Harper – 1939

Best known for her role as Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore, Harper would go on to win a Tony Award for her role in the play Whose Life Is It Anyway.

Paul Gottlieb Nipkow – 1940

The German engineer contributed to the success of the mechanical television with his invention of the Nipkow disk.

Bill Parcells – 1941

In 19 season as a head coach in the NFL, Parcells coached teams to division championships and Super Bowl appearances with two Super Bowl wins.

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