National Witch Hazel Day | October 21
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


On October 21, discover one of America’s first skin treatments and favorite skincare ingredients when you celebrate National Witch Hazel Day.


Since the late 1800s, distilled Witch Hazel Extracts have been formulated into many of the world’s most recognized cosmetic and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products. This effective, versatile plant extract naturally provides skincare, haircare, eye care, and topical OTC drug products with toning, oil control, and astringency claims – powering hundreds of essential personal care and skincare products including:

  • astringents
  • facial toners
  • shampoos
  • conditioners
  • hemorrhoidal treatments
  • personal cleansing
  • post-partum care

Today, Witch Hazel-based products help care for millions of Americans of every age each year. According to the United States Pharmacopoeia or USP, the organization that sets standards for strength and purity for active natural ingredients, genuine distilled Witch Hazel is a clear, colorless distillate often identified by its characteristic Witch Hazel scent. It is prepared by distilling the recently cut and partially dried dormant twigs of the Witch Hazel plant, Hamamelis Virginiana Linne’, and combining it with 14% Ethyl, Natural Grain Alcohol which functions as a natural preservative.

As an astringent active ingredient, Witch Hazel not only cleanses, but also helps surface tissues to contract, helping to protect tissue and reduce irritation, allowing the skin to heal.

As a skin toner and cleanser, genuine Witch Hazel removes impurities without stripping skin of its moisture, refines pores and balances complexion, reduces oil, soothes redness, and more.

The Many Benefits of Witch Hazel include:
  • Cleanses skin of dirt, excess oil, and residue without stripping skin of its natural moisture
  • Tightens pores for smoother skin
  • Prepares skin for skin treatment and makeup application
  • Helps control excess oil production
  • Reduces irritation
  • Helps remove the last traces of makeup
  • Soothes razor burn
  • Treats minor cuts and scrapes
  • Reduces irritation from bug bites

National Witch Hazel Day encourages you to explore all the benefits of Witch Hazel.


On October 21, discover your favorite uses for Witch Hazel. There is so much to learn and love about this naturally powerful extract! With its multitude of benefits, there are so many ways to incorporate Witch Hazel into your daily life.

National Witch Hazel Day serves as an annual reminder of this versatile and useful plant extract. Skincare, personal care, or first aid — how do you use Witch Hazel?

Share your favorite uses for Witch Hazel by using #NationalWitchHazelDay on social media.


National Witch Hazel Day Logo_V2Dickinson Brands founded National Witch Hazel Day in 2021 to celebrate the history and fantastic benefits of Witch Hazel.

For over 150 years, 100% natural Distilled Witch Hazel has been the primary ingredient in all Dickinson Brands products, delivering more effective, all-natural skin treatment and skincare solutions. Dickinson Brands Inc. manages three brands of Witch Hazel products in the market: Humphreys Witch Hazel brand in Premium Natural Skincare sets, T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel in First Aid, and Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel in Skincare.

Dickinson Witch Hazel logos

It all started in 1866, when Rev. Thomas Newton Dickinson, a clergyman, saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of Witch Hazel to the masses. Born and raised in New England, Dickinson understood the powerful healing properties of the native plant, which was used by Native Americans as early as the 17th Century. He set up his first distillery plant in central Connecticut, close to an abundance of the finest grade Witch Hazel shrubs to produce and bottle his namesake brand Dickinson’s Witch Hazel.

Rev. Dickinson also set the pure, all-natural standard for Witch Hazel production, a time-honored craft ever since. Every winter, Dickinson Brands begins to hand-harvest organic-certified New England Witch Hazel at its peak bloom. They have perfected the distillation process in line with USP (pharmaceutical) standards, bringing you a clinical-grade natural active with a signature botanical scent, and a variety of formulas for gentle yet effective skin-loving products. Dickinson’s takes pride in the purity of its distilled Witch Hazel and in bringing you highly efficacious Witch Hazel products.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Witch Hazel Day to be observed on October 21, 2021, and every year thereafter.


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