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National Wine and Cheese Day - July 25


On July 25, we celebrate the ultimate pairing, wine and cheese. National Wine and Cheese Day provides an opportunity to sample some of our favorites.

The pairing of wines and cheese has been a regionalized tradition.  Across wine-producing cultures, many pair their local wines with local cheeses. For example, the French Brie region noted for its tannic wine varietals. Their Beaujolais pairs well with the Brie produced in the area. That doesn’t stop a sommelier or cheesemonger from making other recommendations to their clientele.  

Although regional preferences may take precedence in distinct areas, don’t hesitate to accept a sommelier’s suggestion. Sommeliers understand a developing palate. Through experience and skill, they guide those new to wine tasting through the basics. In addition, sommeliers keep sophisticated wine lovers abridged of the latest varietals.

Equally important is the knowledge of the cheesemonger. They’ve developed a knowledge base going beyond mold and yeast. Because cheese is more than a topping on a burger or a salad, cheesemongers stay updated on the latest cooking and wine trends. Their highly developed palate leads cheese and wine lovers to the best pairings and satisfying results.


National Wine and Cheese Day encourages us to try wines and cheese in combinations we’ve never tried before; we can step away from our ordinary bottle and learn something new. Sampling the complexities in sweetness and acidity and comparing them at a tasting makes for an enjoyable experience. When we add friends to the adventure, National Wine and Cheese Day becomes a celebration, too! Find a favorite wine and sample it with some of your favorite cheeses.  Post photos of your favorite pairings on social media.

Use #NationalWineAndCheeseDay when posting on social media. To learn more about Wine and Cheese pairing, visit WineFolly.


National Wine and Cheese Day has been observed since 2014.

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