National Waitstaff Day | May 21
(Last Updated On: May 22, 2023)


On May 21st, National Waitstaff Day recognizes the dedicated and often talented waitstaff. We are encouraged to show appreciation to all waitstaff for making our dining experiences enjoyable. At the same time, restaurant owners and managers also recognize and express their appreciation for their team of waitstaff. They help restaurants thrive.


Waitstaff, servers, are a big determining factor in the quality of your dining encounter. They serve as the communicator between the diner and the kitchen. While meeting the needs of several tables at once, they also represent the restaurant. Seasoned waitstaff are knowledgeable and efficient. They are key to creating an extraordinary dining experience. The food may be delicious, but their attentiveness and attitude can make or change the whole experience.

Most waitstaff go out of their way to ensure you receive excellent service and ensure that you have the best time possible. They fill your drinks before you ask, bring extra bread, rolls or chips, give honest recommendations on food choices when asked, and are a valuable asset to any restaurant.  Excellent servers turn diners into regulars who are known by name.

HOW TO OBSERVE National Waitstaff Day

We recognize our servers each time we enjoy a restaurant meal by leaving them a tip. If you receive stellar service, tell them you appreciate the excellent service they provided and leave a more generous tip. Continue to frequent the restaurant and don’t hesitate to let the manager know just how well the waitstaff treated you. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting a chain restaurant or a local favorite. Waitstaff deserve recognition for their stellar service, long hours on their feet, and smiling faces. Every restaurant owner knows their waitstaff are the face of their businesses.

Have you received out-of-this-world service? Give the restaurant and the server a shout-out. Use #NationalWaitstaffDay to post on social media.


Gaylord Ward founded the holiday to create an opportunity for restaurant owners and patrons to recognize excellence in their waitstaff.

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