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NATIONAL TRAILS DAY – First Saturday in June

NATIONAL TRAILS DAY – First Saturday in June


National Trails Day on the first Saturday in June recognizes all the incredible benefits federal, state and local trails provide for recreation and exposure nature. Events held throughout the United States help promote awareness of the wide variety of services the trails systems offer. The day encourages people to discover their local trials, become active concerning trail issues, and share their excitement for the outdoors.

While hiking may be the first activity to come to mind, trails offer so much more! Trails provide access to waterways for canoeing and paddle trips. Birders find excellent opportunities for birdwatching and those seeking to test their abilities to observe and study geolocation enjoy geocaching. Others learn land navigation or use the trails for biking. Each of the pursuits creates an opportunity to spend time outdoors and generate an excellent cardiovascular workout.

National Trails Day is also an opportunity to thank the many volunteers, land agencies, trail developers, park employees, and rangers for their help in developing and maintaining the trails.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalTrailsDay

Visit your local trails. When possible, take a friend and try something new. Try a new trail, an activity or introduce someone new to an activity you are skilled in to pass on the experience to. Why keep it to yourself? Also, if you pack it in, pack it out. Show your appreciation to those who make the trail system possible. Use #NationalTrailsDay to post on social media.

When you’re ready to venture out on any trail, it’s important to have the right gear. Our staff suggests a few must have items to help you celebrate National Trails Day.


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