National Trail Mix Day | August 31
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Observed annually on August 31st, National Trail Mix Day honors the mix developed as a healthy snack for long hikes.


Filled with nuts, dried fruit, and grains, trail mix packs a boost of carbohydrates when the body needs it most. The nuts supply good fats as well as sustained energy, too. Since it’s lightweight, trail mix travels easily, as well. On long trails or while camping, trail mix keeps without spoiling since most of the ingredients are dried. 

Two California surfers claim the creation of trail mix. In 1968, they blended peanuts and raisins for an energy snack. However, in the 1958 novel The Dharma Bums written by Jack Kerouac, the two main characters mention trail mix when planning meals for their hiking trip. 

Trail mix is sometimes referred to as Gorp.

Trail Mix Tips

Regardless of who created trail mix, the food is an integral part of camping, hiking, and outdoor life. When preparing for a hike, selecting a favorite combination of ingredients comes down to balancing flavor and nutrition. Some factors to keep in mind:

  • Portability – Be sure all the components can withstand heat and bouncing around. For example, potato chips and caramel baking bits probably won’t survive the heat. However, pretzel rods, M&Ms, and other candy-coated chocolates hold up under stress.
  • Protein – Choosing the right nuts and seeds adds healthy proteins and fats, too. Consider adding these top protein-producing seeds and nuts to your trail mix:
    • almonds, peanuts, pistachios, hemp, pepito, sunflower, flax, sesame, chia, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts
  • Salty & Sweet – Not only does the flavor factor increase but the salt, along with drinking plenty of water throughout your hike prevents dehydration. When we sweat, we lose essential electrolytes, and trail mix helps to replenish them. The salt comes from the ingredients already added to the mix. There’s no need to add more. And the sweet? Well, that all depends on your tastes. How much additional glucose do your physical needs require?
  • Spice – Ramp up the flavor profile with some spice. Here are a few combinations to try:
    • Fall blend – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, ginger
    • Savory blend– garlic powder, dill, lemon pepper
    • Spicy blend – wasabi, mustard powder, lemon pepper, dried cilantro, dried lime zest
    • Spicy sweet blend – paprika, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, a touch of brown sugar
  • Energy Booster – For a twist, add chocolate-covered roasted coffee beans to your mix. They’re especially nice if time is short or it’s impossible to make a cup of java while roughing it. You’ll get your caffeine and your breakfast while seeking the next fantastic view.


You can make your own trail mix using your favorite ingredients. Many varieties of trail mix are available at your favorite grocery or convenience store. How else can you celebrate:
  • Take a hike and enjoy your favorite trail mix along the way.
  • Share your favorite trail mix recipes.
  • Take a selfie while enjoying your energy boost.
Use #NationalTrailMixDay to post on social media.
With so many ways to make trail mix, sometimes the nuts make all the difference. Check out 9 Delicious Nuts from Around the World to learn more!
Educators, visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for a lesson designed especially for trail mix.


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Trail Mix FAQ

Q. Where does the word “gorp” mean?
A. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, gorp means to eat greedily. However, a backronym (an acronym developed after a word is coined) suggests that gorp stands for Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts.

Q. What do other countries call trail mix?
A. Australians and New Zealanders call trail mix “scroggin.”


August 31st Celebrated History


King Kamehameha III declares Honolulu, HI a city and the official capital of the kingdom of Hawaii.


Thomas Edison receives patent No. 589,168 for the kinetoscope camera opening up an era of moving pictures.


Benjamin Shibe receives a patent for his invention of a baseball with a cork center under patent No. 932,911.


Henry Blair receives a patent for a cotton seeder. As the second African American to receive a U.S. patent after Thomas Jennings. The cotton seeder was Blair’s second patent.


Glenn Hammond Curtiss completes the first U.S. airplane flight over water. Curtiss is considered the father of the aircraft industry.


The first U.S. Navy ship named after an African American is commissioned. Named after Mess Attendant First Class Leonard Roy Harmon, the USS Harmon honors the sailor’s courageous and invaluable service during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942.


Warner Bros. debuts Foghorn Leghorn in the Looney Tunes short called Walky Talky Hawky.


General Motors Corp debuts the first solar-powered automobile when Willaim G. Cobb demonstrates the Sunmobile.


Dr. Michael E. Bakey leads the first simultaneous multi-organ transplant. The transplant included a single donor and four recipients.


Time After Time starring Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, and Mary Steenburgen is released. The film combines the imagination of H.G. Well’s Time Machine with the pursuit of Jack the Ripper.

August 31st Celebrated Birthdays

Mary Putnam Jacobi – 1842

Jacobi became the first woman to study at the Academy of Medicine in France.

Maria Montessori – 1870

The Italian physician and educator is best known for her educational method. Today, nearly 20,000 Montessori schools provide educational services around the world.

Lizzie Arlington – 1877

Arlington debuts in minor league baseball with the Reading Coal Heavers. Born Elizabeth Stroud, debuts in minor league baseball with the Reading Coal Heavers. During her short-lived career, she played pitcher and second base.

Arthur Godfrey – 1903

Also known as the “Ol’ Redhead,” Godfrey hosted both radio and television programs.

Helen Levitt – 1913

Levitt was known for her New York street photography.

Richard Gere – 1949

The actor is known for films such as American Gigalo, Pretty Woman, and Primal Fear. He also co-founded the non-profit organization Tibet House.

Fredric March – 1897

Best known for his role in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, March also starred in the films The Best Years of Our Lives, A Star is Born and Inherit the Wind.

Marcia Clark – 1953

The U.S. prosecutor rose to fame during the O.J. Simpson murder case.

Sara Ramirez – 1975

The actress is best known for her role as Callie Torres on the television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

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