National Teen Driver Safety Week - Third Full Week in October
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


National Teen Driver Safety Week seeks to raise awareness and find ways to prevent teen injuries and deaths on the road. The annual event is held during the third full week in October.
Car crashes are the number one cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Over 1,800 drivers between the ages of 15 to 20 died in motor vehicle crashes in just one year. Other statistics related to teen driving include:

  • Of any other drivers, 16-year-olds have the highest crash rates.
  • The death rate for 16 and 17-year old drivers increases with each additional passenger.
  • More than 40% of teen auto deaths happen between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • The risk for crashes increases incrementally with each mile per hour over the speed limit.
  • About 94% of teenagers recognize the dangers of texting while driving, but 35% of them do it anyway.
  • Teen drivers are four times as likely as adults to get into a crash while talking or texting on the phone.
  • About 21% of teen drivers died in accidents due to being distracted by their phones.
  • Many teens get into accidents because of distracted driving. Other reasons for accidents include drinking while intoxicated, reckless driving, driver inexperience, and not wearing their seatbelts.

It’s no wonder that parents worry about their child when they are old enough to start driving. According to experts, parent involvement is key to making sure their teen is safe. One way to keep teens safe is by having a zero-tolerance for cellphone usage while driving. Parents must also lead by example and do the same.

To ensure their teen’s safety, parents can also install driving monitoring apps on their teenager’s cellphone. These apps monitor a variety of driving habits, including how fast they are driving and whether they are using the phone while driving. Some of the best monitoring apps include Autobrain and Mama Bear.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalTeenDriverSafetyWeek

National Teen Driver Safety Week is the perfect time to talk to your teenager about their driving habits. Make sure they are following the driving rules that you have implemented. Talk to them about the dangers of distracted driving and also driving under the influence. Remind them to never get into a vehicle with an impaired driver. Help them make responsible decisions. Take a ride with them every now and then to ensure they follow the traffic rules.

You may also want to consider enrolling them in a defensive driving course. Vehicles with advanced safety features also help keep them safe. Some of these safety features include side airbags, electronic stability control, and crash avoidance technology, such as blind-spot detection and lane departure warnings.

Be sure to share #NationalTeenDriverSafetyWeek on social media to help spread awareness.


National Teen Driver Safety Week was created in October of 2007. The special week was founded after several high school students in Pennsylvania died in car crashes. Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) and Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), along with 50 co-sponsors, introduced the resolution. The Teen Safety Research Team at Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania and State Farm Auto Insurance supported the initiative.

Since 2007, support has grown to include thousands of individuals and organizations. Celebrities who support National Teen Driver Safety Week include Oprah Winfrey and Kelly Clarkson.


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