National Take a Chance Day | April 23
(Last Updated On: April 18, 2023)


Every year on April 23rd, National Take a Chance Day encourages us to break out of our comfort zone.


Most of us have unaccomplished goals or dreams. What if this was the day to take the chance to make them happen? Even if it is just the first step toward that goal, it will be one step closer than before.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowline, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.  ~ Mark Twain

Uncertain where to start? Polish up that resumé, sign up for a foreign language class, or buy a pair of hiking shoes. Those are the first steps to taking chances on new jobs, traveling to a foreign country, or hiking that trail.

Ready for a bigger chance? Buy that plane ticket or take your business plan to the bank. It’s time to broaden those horizons.


  • Celebrate your goals or dreams by taking a chance and getting started today!  
  • Share a time you took a chance and it paid off.
  • Share your goals and how you’re going to achieve them.
  • Share on social media using #NationalTakeAChanceDay


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Chance FAQ

Q. What are the chances of having twin babies?
A. The chances of having twins is about 1 in every 250 natural pregnancies. Fertility treatments increase those odds. The chances of having identical twins are about 3 per 1,000 births. While we’re on the topic, the odds of having triplets is about 1 in 10,0000 natural pregnancies. The chances of having identical triplets decrease to one in 200 million pregnancies.

Q. What are the chances I’ll win the lottery?
A. Well, first it depends on whether or not you play. Second, it depends on how many other people are playing, too. Odds also vary by the type of lottery game you’re playing.

Q. What are the chances of seeing a falling star tonight?
A. If the night is clear, your chances are pretty good. In a given hour of darkness after midnight and before sunrise, the chances of seeing a falling star are about 84 percent in your favor. That’s according to science.HowStuffWorks.

Q. What are my chances of being audited by the IRS?
A. The news has improved in this area. The odds of being audited by the IRS have decreased to 1 out of 220 individual taxpayers in 2019 per CNBC.

April 23rd Celebrated History


President Theodore Roosevelt signed into law a bill establishing the U.S. Army Reserves.


Hank Aaron launches his career homerun tally with his first of 755 playing for the Milwaukee Braves. The Braves beat the St. Louis Cardinals 7-5.


Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital transplanted artificial skin developed by Ioannis V. Yannas with a research team at MIT for the first time. They created the artificial skin using a combination of cowhide, shark cartilage and plastic.

April 23rd Celebrated Birthdays

William Shakespeare – 1564

William Shakespeare is the author of some of the world’s most celebrated plays and poems. His works, written during the Golden Age of the Renaissance and the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, continue to inspire us today. Some of his most notable works include “Romeo and Juliet,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Hamlet” and “Othello.” 

James Buchanan – 1791

The 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan is the only president elected from Pennsylvania. He is also the only president to remain unmarried for his entire life.
The only president elected from Pennsylvania, James Buchanan’s tenure as the president left the nation in turmoil and on the cusp of war.

Granville Woods – 1856

During his lifetime, the American inventor registered nearly 60 patents. Some of his inventions were in direct competition with Thomas Edison. He founded the Woods Electric Company in Cincinnati, Ohio and developed the Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph.

Valerie Bertinelli -1960

Best known for her role as Barbara Jean Cooper on the sitcom One Day at a Time, Valerie Bertinelli was born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1960. Once married to rocker Eddie Van Halen, Bertinelli later landed sitcom celebrity in the show Hot in Cleveland.

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