National Supermarket Employee Day - February 22nd


Supermarket employees are a vital element of our supply chain and community. That’s why Supermarket Employee Day on February 22nd is a time for the food industry to acknowledge employees at every level.

All across the country, supermarket employees help feed families and enrich lives. From every shipment ordered and received to every shelf stocked, these employees help ensure the supplies we need are available every day. They deliver produce, dry goods, prepared meals, frozen foods, and so much more.

Nearly 6 million employees in the United States comprise our nation’s $800 billion food industry workers. Supermarket employees have consistently sought to enhance the health and well-being of each customer, addressing his or her unique needs and tastes all while facing unprecedented challenges. These employees have met and exceeded any challenge they have faced, with the result of the American public witnessing their food retailers’ courage, compassion, dedication, and leadership in a bold redefinition of customer service and community outreach.

Supermarket Employee Day recognizes employees everywhere, celebrating their accomplishments and efforts to support the food industry and our communities.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SupermarketEmployeeDay

Celebrate the day by recognizing supermarket employees at every level. Join local celebrations at your supermarket. Encourage state and local representatives to proclaim the day. Engage in social media campaigns to share your appreciation. It’s also a day for supermarkets to shine the spotlight on their phenomenal employees.

Honor your supermarket superhero by using #SupermarketEmployeeDay when you post on social media.


Supermarket Employee Day logoIn 2021, FMI – the Food Industry Association (FMI) proclaimed the first National Supermarket Employee Day to celebrate Supermarket Heroes with the national recognition they deserve. The first observance garnered the participation of nearly every type and level of FMI membership around the world. Additionally, eleven states issued proclamations. Media coverage also shared local and national stories spotlighting events around the country.

The National Day Calendar proclaimed National Supermarket Employee Day in 2022 to be observed on February 22nd, annually.