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NATIONAL STRESS AWARENESS DAY – First Wednesday in November



National Stress Awareness  Day is observed annually on the first Wednesday in November. This is a day to identify and reduce the stress factors in your life.

There are many reasons for stress in the workplace. The job market is difficult and with many companies downsizing, a common concern for those affected is how they will continue to provide for their families. Another major stress factor for some may be conflicts with co-workers.

Work-life is not the only stressor.  Nearly every employee balances family, home and health as well, whether they are married or not. Parents, siblings, illness, maintenance of vehicles or civic responsibilities may impact our lives.


Develop a routine to help you lessen your tension. Go for a walk, do some deep breathing, get some exercise or a massage or take a long, relaxing bath. Post your ideas using #StressAwarenessDay on social media.


Carole Spiers, Chair of International Stress Management Association, founded National Stress Awareness Day.

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