NATIONAL SPACE DAY – First Friday in May

NATIONAL SPACE DAY – First Friday in May
(Last Updated On: February 3, 2023)


National Space Day dedicates the first Friday in May to the extraordinary achievements, benefits, and opportunities in the exploration and use of space. The goal of the observance is to promote math, science, technology, and engineering education in young people, The hope is to inspire them to pursue a career in science, especially a career in space-related jobs.

Careers in space involve a wide range of specialties. Going to space requires many working parts, and that’s not just the parts that go into space. All kinds of engineers build the equipment, computers and make the computations.

Accountants and public relations manage the books and the press. Meteorologists, chemists, physicists, and biologists analyze data and doctors monitor the health of the astronauts. As preparations are underway, photographers and writers record the events.

While we’ve only been exploring space for less than 60 years, we continue to learn so much. Imagine all the roles in space you can fill. While we’ve named a few here, how many more careers can you name? Do you know which one is yours?

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalSpaceDay

Teachers, students, space-related organizations, groups, and agencies hold celebrations, demonstrations, and educational programs each year. The day has grown rapidly in recent years and is celebrated worldwide as International Space Day. Join an event near you. Other ways to celebrate include:

  • Build a model rocket and launch it.
  • Watch your favorite launch. Is it the Hubble Space Telescope, Apollo 11, or SpaceX Falcon 9?
  • Look for the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth.

Get involved by sharing your knowledge and skills, too! Host an event and share your experiences. Share your favorite space pictures using #NationalSpaceDay


In 1997, Lockheed Martin Corporation created National Space Day as a one-day event. In 2001, due to its extreme popularity, former astronaut and senator John Glenn expanded Space Day to International Space Day.

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