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National Soft Pretzel Month


Grab your favorite toppings because National Soft Pretzel Month in April will give you 30 days to celebrate! 

Soft pretzel dough offers a delicious way to make sandwiches and snacks with a twist! The salty, chewy goodness is a perfect vehicle for bringing dips and spreads to our lips. Whether you’re a mustard fan or have a hankering for something sweeter, there’s no limit to what the pretzel goes well with. Pretzel buns, logs and even the standard twist taste great with marinara or honey. How about hummus or caramel? Peanut butter, chocolate or Nutella? All of the above anyone?

Whatever you are serving your pretzels with, you have all month long to celebrate, Get to it!


Enjoy a soft pretzel or two this month. Looking for a recipe to make some homemade pretzels? Check out the National Day Calendar recipe page. Use #NationalSoftPretzelMonth to share on social media.


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