NATIONAL SINGLES WEEK - Third Full Week in September

National Singles Day - Third Full Week in September


National Singles Week is dedicated to the singletons of the nation. The week-long celebration embraces both the unique qualities single adults offer the world at large and the challenges they as individuals face.

With nearly half the U.S. population unattached, many live, work and navigate the world without a significant other, spouse, or long-term relationship to rely upon.  Their approach to life, whether by choice or circumstance, requires a different perspective and redefines independence, family, and lifestyles.


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National Singles Week started in the 1980s in Ohio.

September 15-21, 2019
September 20-26, 2020
September 19-25, 2021
September 18-24, 2022
September 17-23, 2023
September 15-21, 2024
September 21-27, 2025
September 20-26, 2026
September 19-25, 2027
September 17-23, 2028

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