NATIONAL SINGLES DAY – Saturday of Singles Week

National Singles Day | Saturday of Singles Week
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


National Singles Day takes place on the Saturday of Singles week in September. The day recognizes nearly half of the U.S. population who, whether by choice or circumstance, remain unattached.


The single population continues to be an integral part of growing businesses, organizations, and communities.

Singles contribute to their families and communities in a variety of ways, too. Some of the statistics may be surprising, but they shouldn’t be. For example, more singles help out with ailing parents than their married siblings. However, it’s not always for the reasons one might think. Yes, many married couples have small children shrinking the time they have to spare, but even couples without children helped out less often than their single siblings.

The day not only celebrates the accomplishments of singles but aims to break down myths surrounding the single lifestyle. Most singles don’t go through life depressed and directionless. Their social lives are active and full of purpose. They contribute actively to their communities and pursue long-range goals. While some may prefer solitude, others seek interests outside their work-life while staying connected to friends and family.

Not everyone is part of a power couple. The day celebrates their unique qualities and opportunities to network with ingenuity and independence.


As a growing part of our society, celebrate the single people in your life. Make room for them in your plans and if you are one, become a part of the growing crowd of singletons. Other ways to participate:

  • Host or join an event for singles near you.
  • Share your experiences as an independent single.
  • Invite other singles to join you on a trip or night out.
  • Count the reasons why being single is right for you.
  • Join a social group for singles.

Whether you wear it as a badge of honor or are seeking to change your single life, join the celebration. Use #NationalSinglesDay to share on social media.


The Buckeye Singles Council of Columbus, Ohio first observed National Singles Day in the 1980s. The date was moved in 2017 to coincide with National Singles Week in September.

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