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National Secondhand Wardrobe Week - Second Full Week in February


It’s time to shop for bargains and vintage clothing. The second full week in February is National Secondhand Wardrobe Week. Put your shrewd shopping skills to work at secondhand stores this week and come home with a new wardrobe.

Budget and thrift shopping websites have these tips for wardrobe shopping at secondhand stores:

Not all thrift stores are the same, so scout out the ones in your area to figure out which have the best clothes.
Many larger cities have vintage clothing stores where you can find top quality clothing from another era.
Looking for something more current? There are surprising finds at secondhand stores when major labels donate last year’s styles or slightly blemished items.


Clear out your current wardrobe. Sort in to keep, donate, and discard collections. Take your “donate” items to a secondhand store. Shop a variety of secondhand and consignment stores to see the difference in selection.

Here’s a tip: Know what you’re looking for and take your time. Browse first to get the layout of the displays. Then, sort through clothing racks. Didn’t find anything this time? New donations are coming in all the time, so go back frequently.

Organize church or school youth groups to sort, repair, clean and donate to secondhand stores.

Use #SecondhandWardrobeWeek to share your finds on social media.


Our research found the first mention of National Secondhand Wardrobe Week in 2017.

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