NATIONAL SBDC DAY – Third Wednesday in March

National SBDC Day | Third Wednesday in March
(Last Updated On: March 8, 2023)


During the third Wednesday in March, National Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) Day recognizes the thousands of SBDCs across the country supporting entrepreneurs in the pursuit of small business ownership.


Created in 1976, SBDCs provide innovative resources and tools that contribute to the success of start-ups and small businesses. Across the country on National SBCD Day, events and conferences present platforms designed to demonstrate the impact of SBDCs. From financial and business planning to technology, security, and marketing, SBDCs contribute to the overall success of small businesses.

Across the United States, 63 Lead Small Business Development Centers assist current and prospective small business owners. There’s at least one in every state, the District of Columbia, and its territories. They provide a network of locations throughout the country that provide assistance in a wide variety of expertise.

SBDCs aren’t limited to new small businesses either. If a small business is looking to expand, the SBDC offers assistance as well.


  • Join an event and learn about all the benefits. To find out more visit
  • Find the regional office in your state.
  • Learn what else the SBDC has to offer.
  • Share your experiences with the SBDC.
  • Get involved! Volunteer your skills and expertise to the SBDC and help an entrepreneur get their start.
  • Use #SBDCDay to share on social media.


    SBDC Day was first observed in 2017. The House Committee on Small Business recognized the day in 2018.

    Small Business FAQ

    Q. Why are small businesses so important?
    A. Small businesses are integral to a strong economy, especially a local economy. The people who own and operate small businesses live where they work. That means, their profits and employees’ earnings stay in that community, too. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses provide 10.5 million jobs in the United States (2020). That’s compared to the 5.6 milling large businesses provide.

    Q. How many small businesses are franchises?
    A. About 5% of small businesses are franchises.

    Q. What kinds of resources are available to small businesses?
    A. There are many resources for small businesses all across the country. Visit the U.S. Small Business Administration for a complete list.

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