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National Sarcastic Awareness Month - October


On October 1st, National Sarcastic Awareness Month begins…and the fun lasts all month. Sarcasm is defined as using irony to mock or convey contempt. Kids, here’s an example of how you might use sarcasm with your parents every day:

Parent: How was school today, honey?

Kid: It was just GREAT mom and dad.

Parent: I’m so happy to hear that!

Gets them every time, right? Ha… probably not. Anyway, sarcasm can be hilarious if it’s all done in good fun. Since many of us grew up around sarcasm and use it so frequently, we don’t really think about who started this lasting humor trend. Sarcasm is thought to date back to the Viking era, when they passed it along to the British in around 1050 A.D. So basically, it’s been around for a while now.  Now, lots of people use it casually in daily conversation (even though sometimes, it’s under their breath) and comedians use it all the time. It’s a simple, fun way to make somebody laugh.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SarcasticAwarenessMonth

Be sarcastic and encourage others to join in. Make it fun! Use #SarcasticAwarenessMonth to post on social media. Some call sarcasm the lowest form of humor, but it often requires a quick wit, and the ability to know just when to throw it into a conversation to get the whole group rolling. Hang out with some of your sarcastic friends and observe how they work it into their conversations. Or, watch some comedians do their thing!


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Peanut Day.