NATIONAL SALESPERSON DAY – Second Friday in December

National Salesperson Day | Second Friday in December
(Last Updated On: January 5, 2023)


In the middle of the holiday shopping season, National Salesperson Day recognizes the personnel who make sure the products keep flying off the shelves. On the second Friday in December, the day honors the value and dedication of the professional salesperson and the hard work that they perform.


A good salesperson is knowledgeable about the product. They answer customers’ questions and provide additional information when necessary. A salesperson may work locally in a shop or travel several hundred miles a day to see customers and vendors. When a new product becomes available, sales personnel study up on the product to stay knowledgeable and informed.

Many customers have favorite salespeople, and they know the salesperson provides the best customer care. A salesperson’s responsibilities go beyond sales, too. For example, they may be required to track inventory and complete purchase orders. Some even handle delivery depending on the product they provide. 

This time of the year, sales personnel are especially busy. Holiday shopping is in full swing. But other retail businesses are reviewing their inventories, looking forward to the new year. A salesperson is the frontline of any business. Often, they are the first person a customer sees. They’re definitely the first one they think of asking to speak to when they have a question. Businesses rely on their sales personnel to be ready for anything and provide them with the tools to make the sale as efficient as possible. 


We can all participate in the holiday! While out shopping, recognize a salesperson who served you well. Give them a shout-out and their business, too! Many businesses will recognize their sales personnel in a variety of ways. They may recognize individual sales efforts or an entire team. It’s also a great time to honor those who’ve met sales goals and provide excellent customer service. 

Be sure to use #NationalSalespersonDay to post on social media.


Maura Schreier-Fleming, president of Best@Selling, founded National Salesperson Day in March of 2000. In 2010, the observance moved to December. Schreier-Fleming is an author, consultant, and speaker for salesperson training.


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