National Sacher Torte Day - December 5


Sacher Torte Day is observed annually on December 5.

Sacher Torte,  also known as Sachertorte, is a unique type of chocolate cake (or torte) that was invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832.  Sacher Torte is one of Vienna’s most famous culinary specialties.  

Franz Sacher was only an apprentice when Prince Wenzel Von Metternich ordered a special dessert from the kitchen for his guests. With the chef ill, Sacher stepped in for his superior and created what is known world wide as the Sacher Torte.

His son, Eduard, went on to perfect this decadent dessert. The Sacher Torte is created with apricot jam between layers of rich, chocolate sponge cake and topped with a layer of chocolate icing.

The original recipe is a secret protected today and served exclusively by the Sacher Hotels in Vienna and Salzburg.


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If you like chocolate cake... National Sacher Torte Day is your day to celebrate!