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National Repeat Day | June 3
National Repeat Day | June 3


Observed on June 3rd, National Repeat Day could be an opportunity for some and a bad omen for others. Repeating a foot massage or a day with a dear friend would make this holiday special. Repeating a root canal or Hurricane Katrina are not suggested for this day.


Another way to celebrate is by repeating some of the simple tasks of the day.  Wash the dishes twice.  Make the same meal for lunch as you do for supper. Watch the same movie twice. The 1993 film Groundhog Day comes to mind. Send duplicate text messages.

Have a great day! Have a great day!

HOW TO OBSERVE National Repeat Day

What kind of things do you find yourself repeating throughout the day? Are there phrases you say or actions? Some of us retrace our steps all day long. Others, repeat the same movements. Is there a tradition this time of year that you repeat? Here are some other ideas for celebrating the day:

  • Say “thank you” twice instead of once each time.
  • Wrap the same gift, twice.
  • Call your mom twice and tell her the same things in the second phone call.
  • Repeat your children’s names until they respond to you.
  • Proofread your emails twice. (But only send them once.)
  • Play your favorite song two times and sing along both times, too.
  • Download and print this Repeating Circles coloring page. Maybe even do it twice.

Use #NationalRepeatDay to post on social media.

Have you ever done something worth repeating? How about something you never want to repeat again? We have two lists you might want to read – 7 Things Worth Repeating and 7 Things Not Worth Repeating. Are your “things” on the lists?


National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this duplicating holiday.