National Recovery Month - September
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)


The month provides a platform for services and professionals to educate the public about substance abuse treatments and mental health services.

While substance abuse and mental health services are nothing new, the stigma attached to them remains. September provides not only an opportunity to help eliminate the stigma but to demonstrate the human face behind the disease. The month serves as a celebration of the steps taking to improve access, information, and treatment.

Through seminars, documentaries, public service announcements, and awareness walks, communities will bring hope. These messages will include access to referrals, phone numbers, and tools. Every year, new resources, data, and treatments become available. Improving awareness and access, along with preventative education improve outcomes.

Along with education, the month celebrates those who succeed in recovery. Each success story seeks to improve understanding and provide answers to those who still have questions. Families, first responders, clergy, employers, and communities as a whole play a part in recovery and awareness. Success stories include barriers and obstacles. And the success stories aren’t just for those living the struggle; they’re for those who help tear down the barriers.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalRecoveryMonth

Look for events near you. Participate in a seminar, awareness walk, or attend a documentary to learn about addiction. Celebrate your journey of recovery to help others succeed with you. Follow the history of National Recovery Month at the SAMHSA website. Use #NationalRecoveryMonth to share on social media.


In 1989, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) launched National Recovery Month to increase awareness surrounding mental health and substance abuse. At the same time, they wanted to celebrate the success stories to illustrate that living in recovery is possible. Each year, the SAMSHA selects a theme, highlighting an area of focus and creating a toolkit for organizations to use.


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