Random Acts of Light Day | June 13
(Last Updated On: June 22, 2022)

Random Acts of Light Day | June 13
Random Acts of Light Day | June 13



Oftentimes it takes just one gentle word or small token to help overcome darkness. On June 13th, National Random Acts of Light Day encourages us to bring light to the darkness of cancer by surprising someone with an act of kindness.


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton

Unfortunately, receiving the diagnosis of cancer is one of the darkest moments a person can have. However, as part of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walks fundraising campaign, Random Acts of Light brings awareness to the importance of providing cures. More importantly, the organization gives access to treatments for blood cancer patients.

Take a friend fishing or bring them their favorite cup of coffee. A simple visit, a walk, or a fresh bouquet of flowers brings the light into the room. Surprise someone you love, by bringing a sparkle to their day.

HOW TO OBSERVE Random Acts Of Light Day

Share your Random Acts of Light on June 13th and throughout the year! Learn more about The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s #RandomActsOfLightDay, Light the Night Walks. They also promote other campaigns, so follow them on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.  When you bring light into someone’s life, use #RandomActsofLightDay to share on social media.


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) founded National Random Acts of Light Day to bring shine a light on the need for research and a cure for blood cancers. In 2017, celebrities and local heroes surprised people affected by blood cancers as part of the first Random Acts of Light Day.

About The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. The LLS mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world. They provide free information and support services and are the voice for all blood cancer patients seeking access to quality, affordable, coordinated care.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first observance to be observed on June 13, 2017.

June 13th Celebrated History


In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Ernesto Miranda. The decision, written by Chief Justice Earl Warren, ruled that detained suspects have a constitutional right to be informed of their rights including the right to an attorney.


President Lyndon B. Johnson nominates Thurgood Marshall to the U.S. Supreme Court. Marshall became the first African American Supreme Court justice.


The NASA space probe, Pioneer 10, travels out of the orbit of Neptune, leaving the Solar System. It is the first man-made object to journey beyond our Solar System.


Timothy McVeigh receives a sentence of death. In 1995, he and Terry Nichols bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building claiming the lives of 168 people.

June 13th Celebrated Birthdays

William Butler Yeats – 1865

The Irish writer is known for his poetry and plays. In 1904, he helped to found the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. Some of his most notable works include “He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” and “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.”

Alice Stebbins Wells – 1873

In 1910, Wells became one of the first female police officers in the United States.

John Nash – 1928

John F. Nash shared a Nobel Prize for economics with Reinhard Selten in 1994. His contribution is a concept that later became known as the Nash equilibrium. He was also the subject of the film A Beautiful Mind.

Rose Elizabeth Cleveland – 1846

When Grover Cleveland began his presidency, he was a bachelor. His sister, Rose Cleveland, served as the acting first lady until he married Frances Folsom during his second term in office.

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