National Publicist Day

National Publicist Day | October 30
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)



National Publicist Day recognizes publicists around the country on October 30th and the PR they provide each day.


On October 30, 1906, the New York Times printed verbatim the very first press release written by Ivy Lee, the “father of modern PR.” Ivy Lee represented the Pennsylvania Railroad. On October 28th, 1906, 50 people lost their lives. A three-car train jumped a trestle in New Jersey and plunged into a thoroughfare creek. In response, Ivy Lee created the first press release.  He not only convinced the railroad to distribute a public statement, but he also convinced them to provide a special train to get reporters to the scene of the accident.

Impressed by Lee’s innovative approach to corporate communications, the New York Times printed the first press release—verbatim—on Oct. 30, 1906, as a “Statement from the Road.” (information obtained from

Public relations is such a love/hate relationship. (You love to hate it and hate to love it.) This industry isn’t an instant gratification one. And on some days a non-gratification. National Publicist Day is a day for publicists to come from behind the scenes. They always work (even behind their eyelids). It’s an opportunity to appreciate publicists for all they do to improve brand communications with the public.


Call, email, or shout out to your publicist on social media. Let them know you appreciate them. Don’t have a publicist? Well, today’s the perfect day to research and contact one that suits your brand. Show your appreciation for what they could contribute to your brand. Use #NationalPublicistDay to post on social media.


Jordanna Stephen, the owner of APARTMENT|SEVEN, a PR firm in New York, founded National Publicist Day and its meaning in 2015.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to be observed on October 30th, annually.

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