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National Prom Day - March 31

March 31st is recognized as National Prom Day. It is a day to honor friendship, cherish memories, celebrate history, and enjoy the fun and excitement this milestone event brings.

National Prom Day celebrates this special time in every teen’s life, a time that’s not only filled with fashion, friendship and fun but where safety, peer pressure and insecurity can sometimes go along with it. That’s why building a community that encourages confidence, empowerment, individuality and inner beauty is so important as we celebrate young adults all around the world.

National Prom Day proudly supports Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), an organization that shares common values and a long-standing champion in educating young people.  While SADD’s core focus remains on traffic safety, it has expanded its mission to include substance abuse, suicide, depression, bullying, violence, body image and more.

National Prom Day 2017 celebrates the efforts of SADD with a donation for every promgirl.com and promguy.com sale on March 31st. Additionally, we encourage all generations to share prom photos from year’s past on social media using the hashtag #NationalPromDay with the tag @promgirlxo and @promguytux. Let’s re-live history with a Flashback Friday by sharing some of the most treasured memories in each of our lives and embrace this special occasion that continues to hold so much tradition. If prom photos are not available, we encourage sharing any image that celebrates confidence and tagging friends who have empowered with confidence.

National Prom Day was submitted by PromGirl and was approved by the Registrar at National Day Calendar® in 2016. For more information visit nationalpromday.org.

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