DAY OF THE PROGRAMMER - 256th Day of the Year

Day of the Programmer | 256 Day of the Year
Day of the Programmer | 256 Day of the Year


On the 256th day of the year, Day of the Programmer honors the innovators who continue to change the world, one program at a time. 


Also known as International Programmers Day, this day is celebrated based on binary code. The number 256 is distinct to programmers. Represented by an eight-bit byte, 256 equals 2 to the eighth power.  This digit makes it the highest power of two that is less than 365. When translated to binary code, the day reads 1 0000 0000.

The day honors programmers around the world. There is hardly a person in the civilized world who does not benefit from the tools of the programmer. Whether we look toward transportation or medicine, finance or education, programming influences all of them. Nearly every major business requires programmers to maintain their infrastructure from an IT standpoint. Telecommunications continues advancing thanks to programmers. The automobile industry relies on programmers for the latest brands to roll off the assembly lines. Security, society, and entertainment look to programmers for the latest in protection, design, and innovation.


Pay tribute to programmers or learn more about programming. If you have an interest, consider pursuing a career. Technology careers continue to grow in every sector.

  • Attend or host a job fair. 
  • Develop your programming skills.
  • Take courses to boost your career.
  • Mentor someone interested in programming. 
  • Share some quirky programming puns. Yes, puns. We know you love pressing F5. It’s so refreshing. 

Share your experiences as a programmer and post on social media using #DayoftheProgrammer to show your appreciation.


In 2002, Russian programmers Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov of Parallel Technologies gathered signatures hoping the Russian government would declare Day of the Programmers. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that the Ministry of Mass Media and Communications of Russia announced the official holiday. Finally, President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia signed the bill in honor of computer programmers on September 11, 2009.

2022 September 13
2023 September 13
2024 September 12
2025 September 13
2026 September 13
2027 September 13
2028 September 12
2029 September 13

Programmer FAQ

Q. What kind of education does a programmer need?
A. Programmers usually require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or computer engineering. They have a strong science and mathematics background and an understanding of computer coding languages. Programming certificates are also available.

Q. What kinds of careers are available to computer programmers?
A. A computer programming career can lead to many different roles in the technology world. Some of the careers available include:

  • Information technology management
  • Software development
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Quality assurance
  • Network administration