National Physical Therapy Month - October

National Physical Therapy Month – October


National Physical Therapy Month is an annual designation observed in October. The American Physical Therapy Association encourages everyone to raise awareness of physical therapy as a safe, effective alternative route to medication such as opioids for treatment of chronic pain conditions. It’s also a time to celebrate the wonderful work done by health professionals to restore and maintain function, and improve people’s lives without using potentially harmful and addictive medication. According to the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) PT is “the safer way to manage pain.”


Use #PhysicalTherapyMonth or #ChoosePT to spread the word on social media. The more we can raise awareness about the lasting benefits physical therapy offers, perhaps the more patients will turn to that rather than opioids. Here are some ways you can get started. 

  1. Take to social media, of course! If you feel inspired by someone you know who has gone through physical therapy and it has improved their life, write about it or post a picture with the hashtags above.
  2. Talk about data and statistics. With the opioid epidemic in America and around the world, it’s a great time to speak out about ways to treat pain without drugs, and use facts to show just how well it works.
  3. Participate in Physical Therapy Day of Service. Find out what your community is doing to celebrate this month, and volunteer to be a part of it.


In 1981, Physical Therapy Month started as Physical Therapy Week in June. National Physical Therapy Week became National Therapy Month and was moved to October in 1992 so as not to conflict with the American Physical Therapy Assosiation’s  annual conference and exposition held each June.