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National Pear Month - December


All December long, National Pear Month recognizes the flavor and versatility of this delicious fruit.

Whether they are enjoyed fresh off the tree or as a preserve, pears add significant nutritional benefits to any diet. In the United States, there are ten varieties of pears. They range in color, texture, and sweetness making them useful for a wide range of dishes.

Subtle alter a pear by lightly baking it and releasing the juices. It makes an elegant presentation and even more delicious dessert. Pair it with wine and cheese for an elevated flavor. Add pears to soup to take advantage of their luxurious texture and forgiving character.

Pears offer so much with their variety and abundance. During National Pear Month, enjoy all they have to offer!


Try a new variety of pears. Check out the recipe page for several new pear recipes and use #NationalPearMonth to share yours!


The U.S. Department of Agriculture proclaimed December National Pear Month in 2004.

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