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NATIONAL PACKAGE PROTECTION DAY – Wednesday after Thanksgiving

National Package Protection Day - Wednesday after Thanksgiving


National Package Protection Day is the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. It encourages homeowners to stay alert and protect their homes against package theft, which becomes more and more prevalent during the holidays. This year’s Package Protection Day falls on November 29, 2017, so be on the lookout!

The internet has made it easier to find deals and have packages shipped straight to our homes. But this has also made it easier for thieves to snatch our deliveries right from our doorsteps. Cyber Monday, in particular, is a big online shopping day where most purchases are shipped directly to the buyer’s home.

With the advent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there became a need for a day that raises awareness of package theft and helps homeowners protect themselves against thieves. And just like that, Package Protection Day was born


Spread the word throughout your neighborhood about Package Protection Day, so your community is alert during the holidays. And share your PackageProtection stories and tips using #PackageProtectionDay and #alwayshome on social media.

HISTORY founded National Package Protection Day to alert citizens to protect their valuable purchases, especially during the high-traffic holiday season.  


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