National Only Child Day - April 12
(Last Updated On: November 7, 2022)


On April 12th, National Only Child Day celebrates the individual child, the siblingless, the one and onlies. You know who you are. There are more of you these days than in decades before.

According to Pew Research, the number of families with only one child has doubled since 1970. In 2014, statistics show that 22 percent of women age 40-44 had given birth to only one child. Compared to data from the United States Census Bureau, the statistics continue to gradually trend upward.

What these stats don’t tell you is that being an only child comes with certain rewards and some pitfalls, too. Many only children tout the benefits of never having to wait their turn to use the bathroom – that is unless they live in a multi-generational household. Their parents’ attention is rarely divided because there aren’t multiple siblings demanding their attention – unless, of course, the only child was raised by a single parent working two, maybe three jobs.

An only child tends to feel secure and loved, too. Since finances aren’t split between multiple siblings, they often have their choice of extra-curricular activities growing up. These activities have the added benefit of social interaction and friendships.

#NationalOnlyChildDay, National Only Child Day

While only children don’t have sibling rivalries, they do face decisions regarding aging parents alone. Sometimes siblings make these decisions more difficult and being an independent advisor is freeing for an only child. However, for others, it can be a challenge. Facing the loss of one or both parents, especially if either of them were also only children can make the grieving process as an only child difficult to face, too.

However, as the statistics show, only children are truly not alone. Your numbers are growing! National Only Child Day not only celebrates their numbers but their strength, uniqueness, and pure independence.


Share your experiences as an only child. Remind your parents how perfect you are. Connect with other only children. Celebrate the individual qualities of the only child. When you do, be sure to use #OnlyChildDay to share on social media.


National Only Child Day began in 2015.

Only Child FAQ

Q. Who are some notable only children?
A. Only children can be as successful as can be. Check out these notable only children:

  • Betty White
  • Chelsea Clinton
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Robin Williams
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Tiger Woods
  • Ansel Adams
  • Charles Lindbergh

Q. Why are there no U.S. presidents listed?
A. Every U.S. president has had either a sibling or half-sibling. None of them were only children.


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