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National Online Learning Day - September 15


On September 15th, National Online Learning Day recognizes the advantages and vast potential of online learning and the accomplishments of these students everywhere.

Whether you’ve ever taken an online course, attended an online school, used online educational resources at a traditional brick and mortar school, taught an online class, or have a child or friend who’s an online student, this day is for you!  National Online Learning Day recognizes the students and their supporters. It’s an opportunity to showcase how online learning has helped people accomplish their goals and dreams and check things off their bucket list!

Alexandra is excelling at school and her self-esteem is sky high. She believes in herself as a student and can be herself. We also love online learning for the rigorous curriculum and we know that Alexandra will be prepared for her future and career. ~ Emerald Zeitz – parent of an online student

Evolving online technology is making education more manageable and convenient for every generation. Every day, students are earning high school diplomas, certificates, college degrees, and credits online. National Online Learning Day brings national recognition to these students. And online schooling continues to grow and provide new resources and support to students.

National Online Learning Day is about students learning, educators teaching, and family members supporting this type of education. With your selfies and other photos, the goal is to cultivate blended and online learning and recognize the student possibilities available with this type of education. Become part of the national online community on Online Learning Day! The power of technology has knocked down barriers and built bridges in education. With online learning, adult students can balance working with furthering their education and today’s youth can receive an individualized education and learning environment.


Show your support for online students everywhere by participating in National Online Learning Day! If you’re an online student or educator, know that your academic achievements have made this celebration possible. On September 15th share what online learning has taught you. On your existing social media channels using #OnlineLearningDay and this statement, “Online Learning has taught me to _______!” Fill in the blank and then tag three friends to continue the celebration. (Students please note, you must be over the age of 13 and have your parents’ permission.)

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National Online Learning Day was founded to recognize the online education community with an official day focusing on the significant achievements made through online schooling and the students attending.  The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved National Online Learning Day in July of 2016.

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