National Noodle Month – March

National Noodles Month - March
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


National Noodle Month is an annual designation observed in March. This has to be one of the tastiest months of the year. Who doesn’t love noodles?! This month incorporate noodles into all kinds of different meals. It doesn’t have to be the classic bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, either!

The history of noodles is one you actually may not expect. When you think about this type of food, you probably think of Italian food. The Chinese, Arabs, and Italians have all claimed to have invented noodles, but most studies show that the oldest mention of noodles appears in a dictionary from the third century A.D. in China. These noodles, called mian pian, are still eaten in China. Of course, all shapes and sizes of noodles are now consumed worldwide. If you want an excuse to carb-load and indulge in this delicious comfort food, (which, let’s be honest, any excuse will do) now’s your time to get creative!

National Noodle Month also takes place during National Flour Month. So it’s an excellent time to explore recipes and varieties of noodles.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalNoodleMonth

Use #NationalNoodleMonth to post on social media about your love for all things pasta! This month,

  • March 11th is National Meatball Day (enjoyed with noodles, of course).
  • Even though inexpensive instant noodles are not considered fancy (in the least) today, they were once sold as luxury.
  • If all you ate for an entire year was ramen noodles, you could survive, keep a full belly, and only spend $140 total.
  • Federal law says a noodle must contain 5.5% egg solids, or it can’t be called a noodle.
  • In Japan, it’s actually encouraged to slurp your noodles. So rather than seeming rude or sloppy, it shows that you thoroughly enjoy the meal.


National Noodle Month was created by the National Pasta Association, a nonprofit organization.


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