NATIONAL NIGHT OUT DAY - First Tuesday in August

National Night Out Day | First Tuesday in August
National Night Out Day | First Tuesday in August


National Night Out Day on the first Tuesday in August promotes police-community partnerships in neighborhoods across the country. The event focuses on the community and raising awareness through camaraderie. By improving area relationships, the hope is to make our neighborhoods safer.


Shining a spotlight on community police programs, National Night Out increases connections between those who serve and their neighborhoods. Through a variety of programs designed to educate and improve relationships, dialogues open. Some of these programs include:

  • Drug prevention
  • Town watch
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Other anti-watch programs

One of the largest National Night Out events is on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. The Ogden Block Watch in Columbus organizes a festival that includes live music, food, and entertainment. While not all events are so large, the significant part of the occasion is community connections and safety. As these events empower the citizens, they also provide valuable information to the neighborhoods. Each year, the number of events grows, too. 

In some parts of the country, the event takes place during cooler times of the year. Not only does this facilitate a better turn out, but more fun had by all.
Check with your local organizations to find out when your Night Out Day takes place.


Block watches, not-for-profits, businesses, and police departments usually organize events around the country. They may be as small as a backyard barbecue or as large as a full-blown festival. Whether they’re big or small, these events impact each neighborhood in positive ways.

Join a local National Night Out event near you. Another way to help is to volunteer. If you don’t find an event in your community, help to organize one. Once you have an event, register it at the website. Most importantly, be a part of improving your community.Post on social media using #NationalNightOutDay.


The National Association of Town Watch sponsors National Night Out in the United States and Canada. Although the origins date back to the early 1970s, the day has been celebrated since 1984. 

More recently Dog Walker Watch joined part of the program. Since dog owners, 75 million of them, walk almost daily with their dogs watching their neighborhoods, what better sets of eyes to assist law enforcement!  Their extra eyes and ears keep watching while they walk their canine companions in communities all over the country aiding law enforcement. 

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